Verity Bremner

Verity is in S6 at Lochside Academy and is doing her Foundation Apprenticeship in social services, children and young people. She is being taught by Aberlour Futures Aberdeen in school and undertook her virtual placement at Treehouse Nursery, Aberdeen, Bright Horizons.

Here's what they had to tell us...

In three words, describe your Foundation Apprenticeship experience

Interesting, different and useful.

What did you find the most surprising thing about the subject or your experience?

What I am surprised most about within the subject is that it relates so much more to many life experiences and being able to make the connections within your own experiences rather than what you may think or see day to day.

How was the experience different from school?

This experience was different from school in many ways as it’s more interactive and working one to one with a mentor and teacher, also being able to work at your own pace whilst keeping a high standard and work ethic has been good as you can get questions you may have answered right there and then but also to have a conversation to which you can go into more detail to help better the understanding to what you are learning which helps you enjoy the course a lot more.

What I learned about myself and the workplace that I didn’t know before?

One thing I learned about myself whilst doing the course is to trust in what I say more often as it’s not always wrong or a bad thing to say but instead helps contribute to the work and also being able to help others. One thing that I learned about the workplace of the nursery bright horizons is to always keep it simple for the children to understand as it helps their learning and development.

What’s next for you after your Foundation Apprenticeship?

I hope to use my foundation apprenticeship knowledge to help use the transferable skills into whatever course I decide to go into next, but what I will say is if my work gets seen and I get offered to go into that line of work or go onto doing a Modern Apprenticeship on the same course type and I’m at a comfortable stage to do so in my life then it’s always something that is there for me to do.

We also asked Verity what their advice would be to someone in secondary school who is thinking about doing a Foundation Apprenticeship. This is what they said...

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