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Bridging the gap between industry and education

DYW North East is one of 20 regional DYW groups in Scotland; we bridge the gap between industry and education by helping employers to play an active role in preparing young people for life beyond school. Our Employer School Coordinators provide each secondary school in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire with on-the-ground support to develop strong and sustainable industry partnerships.

Since its inception in 2014, DYW has played a significant role in ensuring that young people have a work-relevant educational experience. Through the combined efforts of regional groups, partners and stakeholders, the DYW programme accomplished its headline aim of reducing 2014 levels of youth unemployment by 40% by 2021.

DYW North East plays a key part in the delivery of the Young Person’s Guarantee

Through this initiative, we are making it easier for employers and education to connect and equip young people for the world of work.

Positive Futures filming

Collaborating on ambitious projects across Scotland

From March 2021-22 DYW North East and DYW Moray collaborated on an ambitious Positive Futures project. Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, Brexit pressures and the decline of traditional industries, the project set out to discover how employers and young people viewed youth employability in Moray and the North East. The project findings continue to inform our activities, as we address these with a positive narrative, highlighting opportunities and support.

Margo Milne
Director, DYW North East

“The Positive Futures project has given us a deeper understanding of the environment in which we work, as well as creating a richer way of communicating with our audiences.”

Key DYW diagram

Mission, ambition and values

We have a strong and clear belief in what we do – and the way we want to do it.

Our mission

To provide every young person with the best chance to reach their potential in whatever career they decide to follow by providing opportunities to engage with employers.

Our ambition

To get every business in the North East involved with Developing the Young Workforce activities.

Our values

Our values don’t just exist on this web page. Created by our team, they live and breathe in our day-to-day actions.

Proactively Resilient – We are confident in exploring and guiding ourselves and others through change.

Passionately Supportive – We enhance and nurture our key relationships.

Professional Credibility – We are a safe pair of hands.

Celebrating Uniqueness – Everyone’s contribution is valuable.

Committed Teamwork – We achieve more together.

Positive Futures project report

Positive Futures research report

DYW North East annual report

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Meet the DYW North East team

We're a passionate bunch, focused on connecting employers and education to benefit young people

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