11th Jul, 2023

LEEA takes partnership working to new heights

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) has become a Young Person's Guarantee partner as a means of encouraging its members to address the skills shortage by connecting with young people.

Lift Ex 2022 Careers Day 3

As the leading trade association for all those involved in the lifting industry, LEEA's members span a number of sectors including energy, construction, renewables and transport. They have a collective concern though - an ageing workforce and a lack of young people coming into the industry.

Starting point

LEEA first came into contact with DYW North East in the lead up to its flagship event - LiftEx - which was held within Aberdeen's P&J Live in October 2022. Thanks to a three-pronged approach involving TechFest, DYW North East and LEEA, young people from local schools attended a careers-specific element of the event. DYW North East also had a stand and speaker presence at the two-day exhibition, which allowed event visitors to learn more about the support available to them to connect with, and recruit, young people.

Continuing the journey

While LiftEx provided an important catalyst for activity, a sustained approach was seen as the way forward. DYW North East and LEEA continued to work closely on a number of initiatives including:

  • A video interview with DYW North East Director, Margo Milne, outlining the support available to LEEA members.
  • LEEA promotion of, and attendance at, DYW webinars, employer training workshops and events.
  • Working together to share LEEA's suite of 'Think Lifting' school engagement materials with local educators and young people.
  • Introductions to LEEA members, one of whom subsequently invited DYW North East to participate in their open day and exhibitors' reception. Several other LEEA member companies are now in discussion with DYW North East about engaging with young people via work experience placements, apprenticeships and in-school activities.

Formalising the partnership

Joining the Young Person's Guarantee as a partner has allowed LEEA to gain recognition for their efforts to date, while also providing a framework for planning and delivering further activities.

"LEEA's proactive stance as an industry association makes them a perfect Young Person's Guarantee partner," says Margo Milne, Director, DYW North East. "The LEEA team have a genuine, long-term commitment to attracting young people into the lifting industry and they realise that supporting their members to engage with the next generation is key to making this happen.

"It is a genuine pleasure to work collaboratively to provide their members with this support."

Aiming high

As an official Young Person's Guarantee partner, LEEA are now seeking to replicate their efforts with DYW North East with members across other DYW regional groups. A joint webinar for LEEA members is also in the planning, along with a toolkit that LEEA representatives can use to outline the support available to their members via DYW.

For this particular industry association, the sky's the limit...

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