13th Nov, 2023

Laying the foundations: Joana prepares for her Foundation Apprenticeship work placement

Joana Valcheva, a Creative & Digital Media Foundation Apprentice, shares her expectations about the work placement element of her apprenticeship, which she's completing with DYW North East.

Joana FA filming

Which stage are you at in your education?

I'm currently an S6 pupil at Meldrum Academy in Aberdeenshire.

Why did you choose the Creative & Digital Media Foundation Apprenticeship?

I wanted to expand my work experience and learn more about how industry works; I also wanted to see what working within a company feels like.

You attend North East Scotland College (NESCol) for part of your Foundation Apprenticeship too. What does the college element involve?

Attending College has helped me cover the basics about the Creative & Digital Media industry, as well as the essential things that would be required of me during my work placement.

How are you feeling about the work placement element of your apprenticeship?

I feel that the work placement will make sure that I understand how what I have learned in college can be used outside of the college or school environment. I also think a work placement is valuable for students as it gives them experience for their CV or university personal statement.

What are you most looking forward to?

Seeing how activities in the workplace intertwine with what I have learned in college and school, plus meeting new people and making connections that might help in the future. Finally - having fun!

What do you hope to get out of it?

I want to get a real sense of how a workplace operates within the Creative & Digital Media industry - and what it's like to be a part of that.

Could you give a Foundation Apprentice the chance to experience your industry and workplace? DYW North East can connect you with local learning providers, who will arrange a placement to suit your organisation's sector and requirements. Contact us to find out more. Employers can also learn about Foundation Apprenticeships here.

Young people and their parents/carers can find out more about the different types of Foundation Apprenticeship - and how to choose a Foundation Apprenticeship as a school subject - here.

Get in touch with the team at info@dyw.org.uk

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