One of the region’s biggest employers is the latest signatory to an initiative supporting young people in the workplace.

NHS Grampian, which employs more than 16,000 people, has signed up to the Young Person’s Guarantee.

As part of Scotland’s response to Covid economic recovery, the employer-led Guarantee was launched in November 2020 by the Scottish Government.

It aims to give all young people aged 16-24 the opportunity of a job, apprenticeship, education, training or volunteering.

Young Person's Guarantee

Nearly 40 leading employers across Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray have already signed up, in a groundswell of support from the finance sector to energy, and tourism to education.

NHS Grampian provides health services for the half a million people who live in the area and is the first Scottish NHS board to sign up to the initiative.

Successful and sustainable

Douglas Andrew, Learning and Development Manager at NHS Grampian, said: “We engage with schools, colleges, universities, local authorities and a range of employability groups to support work experience and employment opportunities within the health and care sector.

“This includes offering a range of both Modern and Graduate Apprenticeship programmes to both new and existing employees and young people.

“Over the last 10 years, our organisation has developed a successful and sustainable approach to these training programmes which, in turn, has seen a high level of retention in several occupational pathways.”

The organisation offers work-based learning placements to schools and colleges across the region, as well as mentoring, apprenticeships, educational partnerships and providing work inspiration activities.

Looking to the future, the organisation is also planning to introduce new apprenticeships as well as a new employability programme. These are linked to its existing aims of reducing barriers to employment and increasing diversity and equality within the organisation.


Mary Holland, Director at Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) North East, said: “Young people bring a wealth of talent, creativity, and enthusiasm to an organisation.

“Multi-generational or age-diverse workplaces are considered a great way to future-proof businesses and increase innovation. Providing opportunities for young people is an investment in business for employers, and in the future of the economy.”

NHS Grampian, which employs more than 16,000 people, has signed up to the Young Person’s Guarantee.

The economic impact of the recent pandemic has been felt most acutely by certain groups with young people being hardest hit.

The Young Person’s Guarantee is a call to action to employers to support this generation so their valuable contribution to the economy of Scotland is not lost.

The Net Zero Technology Centre is a recent signatory to the Guarantee. People and Organisational Development Director Laura Paterson said: “It was important for us to sign up to the Young Person’s Guarantee because we are focused on supporting 16-24 year olds into jobs, apprenticeships, work experiences, training and fair work, as we work towards a Net Zero future.”

Employers have also been quick to express the benefits of working with the future generation of the country’s workforce.

Anita Martin, HR Manager at Well-Safe Solutions, said: “Young people are essential in building the future of our business, complementing the rich experience we currently have in well decommissioning.

“There’s a wealth of opportunity within decommissioning and the wider energy sector, giving apprentices, graduates and trainees a chance to flourish and play a positive part in the energy transition.”

Nicola Doohan, Recruitment and Development Manager at Acumen Financial Planning, said: “We believe we have a responsibility to give back to younger generations and provide them with every opportunity to develop skills and opportunities that will support them in their working career whether they join us on a placement or for the long term.”

Pamela Mackenzie, Managing Director of Bon Accord Care, said: “It was important for Bon Accord Care to sign up for the Young Person’s Guarantee because there are so many opportunities to pursue a career in care and our young people are worthy of investment.”

Easier navigation

The Young Person’s Guarantee aims to act as an “umbrella” for all the available opportunities for young people.

Many of the programmes within it are not new but the Guarantee helps employers navigate the landscape of existing activities and make it easier for them to access the skills they need.

There is a range support available to help companies recruit and train young people. DYW North East can help you explore options and the support available.

You can find out more about the Young Person's Guarantee at or by contacting