My reasoning for participating in this course came down to me wanting to branch out of regular school work and focus on something different that would benefit me as well as my school education and employment in the future.

Digital marketing is an important and overlooked factor of media that I felt was appropriate for me. I was confident in developing my marketing skills because I genuinely have an interest in the world of digital marketing and media. I am enthusiastic to be working with everyone and happy that everything is going according to plan.

I completed a simple interview in which I was asked to discuss the course and what I wanted from it. I have learned so far that in digital marketing, there are many different variables and layers to making it work as it is and that it can take a long time for all of this to come together. Also, that it can be difficult to cram all this information I have learnt about certain programs and tasks - most of the time, a lot is happening at once.

The course admittedly could not fit perfectly with my school studies. I do miss some work that I have to catch up on however this course is helping me develop my skills and knowledge further.

In the workplace, everything is clean and peaceful, everyone treats me with respect and maturity. It really is a nice change of pace from school and it is one of the many things that keep me happy to be in this course. The work also gives me a bigger feeling of responsibility and motivation because of the importance and value it has.

I would recommend the course to those want to further their own education by experiencing different things like college and the workplace as well as meeting new people and learning a lot from the experience. However, it may not be for those who are not invested in the topics and ideas that the apprenticeship contains. They may be wanting something different than what they get.

My ambition is to go to university and study to be a filmmaker however that is probably quite unlikely to take shape as it can be difficult to get anywhere with that dream in mind.

This foundation apprenticeship gives me that experience of work that I may have needed for an office job because before I may have been warier of them. The course also further enhances my education and many employers take that into consideration when applying for a job because it shows the experience one has.

Now, I feel more comfortable when it comes to work because it’s not as bad as I had thought.