My name is Owen Fowlie I am a fifth-year pupil at Westhill Academy and as part of my Creative Digital Media course I was required to take internships in a wide variety of organisations throughout Aberdeen, I was very please when I had been selected to take on my final internship at the University of Aberdeen Business School.

The minute I walked in the door I was introduced to the welcoming faces of the receptionists and they helped me get on track of where I needed to be. I have been working with Lucy Holmes, the School Marketing Officer for the Business School. As part of my internship Lucy and I have been working on an internal winter newsletter for all the staff members at the school, we have been doing a lot of interviews with new staff, both face to face and over email.

I’m very glad to say that if I didn’t have Lucy helping me out I’d be very stuck, she has been a great help towards me and deserves a lot of praise as I know she is fairly new to the school and has seemed to have fitted in really well, so I’d like to take the time to say a very kind thank you towards Lucy for helping me throughout the course.

I have learnt a lot from my internship which involves a lot of different skills I needed for my Creative Digital Media course. Some of these skills included being able to interview people and gather and analyse key information they gave me to end up writing short and engaging content to be published onto the newsletter for the whole school to be able to read. Other skills I have learnt are how to layout the scene/camera for filming interviews as I’ve never been showed how to do that before. I’ve also learned the basics of video editing and how to publish content onto a website.

It has been great working at the University of Aberdeen as not only am I doing work while here I’m also getting a chance to have a feel of what it would be like to be student at the school. For example, I’ve gotten the chance to go to a lecture about social media which is also involved in my course, there’s been so much I’ve leaned in my time here and we’ve managed to cover such a wide range of topics that I’m really interested in.

As of writing this blog this is my 9th and final week at the university and I am looking forward to seeing how the school progresses through time and maybe when I leave Westhill Academy I will certainly keep in mind the University of Aberdeen as an option to pursue my career further and keep learning throughout. I really want to thank the university and the staff members for being very welcoming and nice to me throughout my stay at the school and wish them all the best for the future of such a unique school.