On 6th February 2018, Mackie Academy hosted their 'Senior Phase Pathways' evening to help raise awareness of the range of opportunities available to young people as they consider their future learning and career pathways. 

Mackie Academy Senior Phase Evening

It was important to the school to ensure that the event had a positive IMPACT on all who attended the event:

I - "I can"

In order for Mackie Academy's young people to be able to achieve the 'I can' statement, inline with the Education Scotland Developing the Young Workforce agenda, the event targeted three key areas:

Pathways through the curriculum - staff from every faculty within the school offered an opportunity for parents and pupils to talk about options within the school curriculum, showcased exemplars of work at different SCQF levels within each subject area and discussed potential career pathways via the wide variety of curriculum choices.  The SQA were also present at the event to answer any questions regarding qualifications.

Pathways to further education - representatives from a wide range of further and higher education organisations were present to offer advice regarding the courses and opportunities available to pupils within their establishments.

Pathways into industry - present were representatives from the school's Flagship partners: Macphie and RAF who regularly support Mackie Academy pupils in developing their knowledge, understanding and skills in terms of employability and the world of work.

Mackie Academy DYW Flagship partners

Also present were industries representing the four key priority sectors as identified by Opportunity North East (O.N.E).  The emphasis for pathways to industries was based on the four key priority industries as identifies by O.N.E:

- Food, drink and agriculture

- Life sciences

- Oil & gas and technology

- Tourism

This event has helped to build on Mackie Academy's already strong partnerships with local businesses as they continue to work together as a school and community to meet the Career Education Standard.

M - Measuring Impact

  • Pupils are better placed to be working towards achieving the ‘I Can’ statements of the Education Scotland Developing the Young Workforce agenda

  • Pupils and parents may consider flexible pathways through Senior Phase and value options for extended work placements

  • Pupils are more prepared for the expectations of the world of work

  • Pupils have a clearer idea of subject options for their next academic year at school

  • Pupils are more confident in their path to a achieve a positive destination

  • Pupils are inspired to pursue their ambitions

  • Parents are better equipped to support their children through discussing options for their future learning and career pathways

  • Parents are familiar with our partnerships with industry

  • Parents are aware of our links with further and higher education establishments

  • Partners have the opportunity to engage with young people about industry and job opportunities

  • Partners have the opportunity to work with young people in their local community to challenge stereotypes and promote equality in the world of work

  • Partners are able to support children and young people’s readiness for the transition to work including recruitment procedures

Mackie Academy DYW Flagship partners

P - Positive Feedback

Attendees said:

“This was by far the best event I have ever attended”

“I had no idea what I wanted to do next year before I came here tonight, now I know I definitely want to stay on at school to get more qualifications”

“I didn’t know if I was brave enough to leave school but the apprenticeship opportunities look amazing so I am going to apply for the one I really want”

“I really enjoyed my evening, learned lots about what I could do for my future”

“I want to go to college and uni and I know I can manage that now”

“We found the evening really useful, it was so helpful having everyone under the same roof. Thank you”

“So much information, very useful”

Mackie Academy DYW Flagship partners

A - Aspirations and attainment

The event was alive with help and advice from experts in their field at the school to representatives from education establishments and local employers. Advice was honest and relevant to current and projected market trends in the world of work and as such, pupils came away from the event with achievable, up to date information to guide the achievement of their goals and ambitions.

Pupils were reminded of the need for high aspirations to raise their attainment in order to help them achieve success in their chosen path. They were able to move around the school to different areas of expertise to gain advice about entry requirements and relevant qualifications for their future plans.

The timing of the event was such that pupils were able to gather as much support as possible to make informed choices about appropriate subjects, prior to the school deadline.

Through meetings with parents/carers and pupils during and after the Senior Phase Pathways Evening, it is clear that pupils’ aspirations were raised significantly following the event and the desire to achieve success and raise their own attainment in school has been greatly enhanced.

Mackie Academy DYW Flagship partners

C - Career Opportunities

Alongside our Flagship Partners, Macphie and the RAF, and in line with the four key priority areas as identified by O.N.E, our other valued representatives at the event included the Army, Royal Navy, Whittakers Engineering Ltd, Entier Fresh Olive, The Fife Arms in Braemar and Dr Tucker on behalf of the Life Sciences Faculty of the University of Aberdeen. 

Aberdeenshire Council were promoting their wide range of apprenticeships and work experience opportunities and SDS were on hand to offer advice to parents/ carers and pupils as required during the evening.

Glasgow University furthered their support for the evening by offering a follow up session to all interested pupils in school the following day.


Mackie Academy DYW Flagship partners

T - Target audience

This event targeted S3-S5 pupils and their parents/carers and was designed to raise aspirations of pupils in terms of their future plans and prospects and guide them in the development of key skills on their path to achieve the ‘I Can’ statements in Education Scotland and Developing the Young Workforce agenda.

This event has helped to build on the school's already strong partnerships with local businesses and we continue to work together as a school to meet the Career Education Standard. 

S1 pupils were actively involved on the evening by meeting and greeting representatives, pupils and their parents/ carers. They had various additional roles from distributing leaflets during the event, conducting online surveys from parents/carers on school iPad’s during the evening and gathering responses from all visitors on our evaluation board.