In 2012, ARCADION, an international provider of Offshore Accommodation Solutions, formed a Charter Partnership with Aboyne Academy. The Aberdeenshire school and ARCADION have since worked together to equip pupils with valuable experience and knowledge as they begin to think about the world of work and the options available to them after school.

The Partnership Story

Before Aboyne Academy and ARCADION joined forces, ARCADION struggled to find a sustainable path to youth engagement. Clive Gregory and his team knew they wanted to help young people. The question was not why, but how. Previous efforts with school involvement had been worthwhile but short-lived. It wasn’t until 2012, when Aboyne Academy were introduced to ARCADION via SBC, that they finally found the right match for the business. The partnership has since thrived with a two-way-street approach, where both parties work together to decide what sort of activities pupils will benefit from the most.

What started as a small ask evolved into big support for young people, and has made a difference to not only the pupils, but to the school and business itself. The road was paved with toolkits, school visits, pupil achievement awards, CV workshops, and fundraising events – all of which have provided regular opportunities for young people to take part in and gain work experience.

Results and Return on Investment

ARCADION believes the involvement with the school has helped staff development and confidence. The company has also received positive public and media attention, including a number of press releases and newspaper articles.

Like the ethos of DYW, we want to make sure that pupils have a better understanding of coming into the workplace. If they come to work with us that is great, but we are investing in the bigger picture. Clive Gregory · Technical Director, ARCADION


Sustaining a long term partnership took a conscientious approach from both sides, and ARCADION overcame challenges by encouraging the school to ask for what they want or need. The school was able to tie in the curriculum by collaborating with ARCADION to come up with activities, workshops and projects for the students.

From designing advertising graphics, understanding the methodology of managing a project to helping cook burgers at the school Christmas Fayres, pupil involvement has been key to the partnership.

Future Plans

ARCADION plans to attend Offshore Europe in September 2017, and is looking forward to getting Aboyne Academy involved with the design team again at the start of the 2016/17 school year.

We believe the pupils we have worked with hold ARCADION in high regard, and we are always open to young people maintaining contact or even coming to work with us in some cases. Clive Gregory · Technical Director, ARCADION