Developing the Young Workforce and Skills Development Scotland are running an 'All in for Apprenticeships' campaign promoting all that is great and good about apprenticeships and direct-to-work career pathways.

The campaign, launched last November, celebrates #ApprenticeGreats:

  • North East businesses people who have reached the highest levels of their organisations on the back of an apprenticeship
  • The rising stars of North East business who are currently completing an apprenticeship or have recently completed one
  • Local businesses who are committed to recruiting and developing school leavers via an apprenticeship or training

The Press and Journal are running twice-weekly features of people who have reached their positions as the result of apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships allow young people to earn while they’re learning and to apply the skills they are learning right away in the workplace. Employers also get the chance to develop their own talent and ensure they have the skills they need to future-proof the businesses.

We want to promote the achievements of our local #ApprenticeGreats' to show young people that an apprenticeship is a route to a valuable and worthwhile career.

Visit our downloads section to access the Press & Journal's coverage of our #ApprenticeGreats.