Tell us about an example(s) of some of the amazing work that you have done to support young people?

NHS Grampian is responsible for the provision of healthcare for the population of Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray. We have 15 community hospitals and a variety of health centres and GP practices across Grampian, with a workforce of approx. 16,000 staff, covering 350 job roles.

In order to continue providing care to people across the region, we need to ensure that a pipeline of young talent is inspired to work for us and deliver the highest possible levels of service every day.

We do that by offering routes into working and the subsequent development that meet the needs of all types of young people. We look at transferable skills such as problem solving, care & compassion and time management. And we aim to make sure young people realise these skills and get the chance to put them to use every day while working for us.

At NHS Grampian, we are extremely proud to support young people and the Young Person’s Guarantee. In support of the 5 asks of employers, we help prepare young people for the world of work through supporting schools, colleges and universities with mock interviews, cv preparation and industry talks.

We create opportunities for young people who face the greatest barriers to work through our working partnerships with organisations such as Barnardo’s, shmu and the Prince's Trust to ensure there are opportunities for everyone.

And we Invest in a skilled workforce through apprenticeships, training and upskilling opportunities through our apprenticeship programmes.

We do everything we can to create jobs and opportunities for 16–24-year-olds and have a number of young people working in roles such as Business Administration, Prosthetics & Orthotics and Healthcare support.

Finally, we provide a work environment which supports all young people and provides fair work, by implementing activities that support their development, like providing an eLearning suite for all to use, having a ‘buddy’ system to support new employees and consistently having review & personal development meetings with all staff.

For young people, what are the best aspects of working for the NHS?

For young people, not only will they have the chance to develop themselves, they’ll be part of delivering our four main values at NHS Scotland, which are – Care and Compassion – Openness, honesty and responsibility – Dignity and respect – Quality and teamwork. By having that responsibility, gives our young people the sense of togetherness that we share here. That they are part of the family and their role is very important to what we do.

What are your future plans for continuing to support young people?

Young people are hugely important to the future of NHS Grampian and we will continue to deliver on the Young Person’s Guarantee. Our vow is to continue promoting opportunities and how young people can develop. We want to make them aware of pathways within the NHS and bust the myth that the NHS is only about Dr’s and Nurses. There’s ambulances services, Estates & Facilities, Psychology, plus many other areas of our business that young people can work in. And they can get involved in these through apprenticeships, training and volunteering.

Visit the DYW North East social channels to hear from some of the NHS' apprentices and find out about their experience working for the NHS.

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