My name is Molly Hunter and I am an S5 Robert Gordon’s College student who was lucky enough to gain a work experience placement with Zenith Consulting.

I am going to talk about my time with Linda O’Donnell and how much I have learnt over my time during the placement.

Monday 18th June: On my first day of work experience I was warmly welcomed by Linda who told me about her position as an occupational psychologist and how rewarding her job is. I also learnt how broad a topic psychology really is and how many different areas within psychology there are. This only intrigued me more and I wanted to get to know about occupational psychology in greater detail.

Later that day Linda had invited me to attend a ‘Business Boosters’ meeting which entailed how to improve a business’ online marketing structure and different aspects that should be considered. These aspects included who the target customers are, how to get a customer to view your website over others and how to use social media to gain more customer publicity. I feel this meeting was also a great networking opportunity for those wanting to open dialogue with other businesses.

Tuesday 19th June: On Tuesday I was invited to attend another meeting with up and coming business entrepreneurs. This allowed me to have an insight into what Linda does for a living which consisted of her giving presentations, group conversations as well as card and physical activities based on the aspiring entrepreneur’s personality traits. This allowed them to become more aware of who they are and what strengths they have.

When we arrived back from the meeting I researched articles based around transformational leadership and how this style of leadership works within different sectors of industries as well as documenting my research onto a spreadsheet. This information was later going to be used to help develop a masterclass Linda will be designing co-presenting on leadership at the Institute for Fundraising Scotland Conference in October.

Wednesday 20th June: On Wednesday Linda taught me how to improve my personal CV, based on its structure, phrasing and what is recommended I should and should not include. These were simply guidelines however I found them extremely useful.

We also went over my personal Lumina psychometric test. I found it to be extremely accurate and I have learnt a lot about myself as well as becoming more aware of my strengths and weaknesses.

Thursday 21st June: On Thursday, an Aberdeen University student came in to talk about her degree in ‘Psychology and Economics’ and how she is wanting to become an occupational psychologist once she has graduated. She had always had an interest in psychology just like I have and gave me an insight on what a psychology degree entails. I found this extremely reassuring and interesting as she said that universities give you plenty guidance when asked for and the majority of the topics covered, I have a strong interest in.

During the afternoon, I attended a meeting with Linda about a BPS (The British Psychological Society) ‘hot topic event’ they were going to hold. I was able to meet a counselling psychologist that day and I learnt even more about the huge variety psychology, as a topic, contains and the many career paths that can be taken within this subject area.

Overall, I have found this week incredibly interesting and I am much more aware of the opportunities and career paths that can be taken within psychology. This has given me both reassurance and excitement for the future ahead. I am extremely grateful for all Linda has done for me this week and allowing me on this placement.