Tullos Training Apprentices

Appearances can be deceptive. Those who drive past Tullos Training’s facility on the south side of the city might be inclined to think that this is a relatively modest operation. Look inside though – as the DYWNE team did recently – and you’ll be astounded by the array of different workshops, classrooms and equipment testing areas, plus the buzz of activity within them.

For over fifty years Tullos Training has been working with local employers to provide their apprentices with the skills and knowledge they need to become qualified experts in their fields. Working hand-in-glove with industry, they seek to ensure that the training they provide reflects the latest equipment, methodologies and technological developments. The company has also expanded its grass-roots engineering course provision to reflect a variety of different craft and technician roles across engineering and building services, as well as qualifications in business administration, logistics operations and management.

These efforts reap their own rewards: over 90 per cent of the apprentices who complete their qualification through Tullos Training are kept on by their employers who – in turn – tend to return to the company with new recruits year after year.

“We try to go that extra mile to ensure that the training the young people receive here is tailored to the employers’ needs,” says Jim Booth, Training Executive, Tullos Training. “The energy industry is going through significant changes, so we build in opportunities to multi-skill so that our apprentices are as prepared as possible for working in this dynamic sector.”

Much like its facilities, the team behind Tullos Training is small enough to offer a personal experience but capable of delivering huge amounts of activity. Lecturers are fully qualified in relevant trades; a dedicated Maths teacher helps apprentices make the connection between the Maths they’ve learned in the classroom to work-related scenarios.

“If an employer expresses interest in training their apprentices with us, the first thing we do is arrange a chat and invite them in for a visit,” says Jim. “It’s hugely important that they feel comfortable about entrusting us with their young workforce.”

And once they come on board? “Our door is always open – employers are welcome to pop in at any time.”

Find out more about Tullos Training here. If your company is interested in supporting or employing young people, please get in touch.