At Inverurie Academy, we encourage our students to live up to our schools core values, Ambition, Inclusion, Integrity and Respect. This encouragement extends across the breadth of the wider opportunities that exist but also relates to our desire for students to achieve their academic potential and preparedness for the world after school.

We are asking you to consider joining an exciting initiative that will involve just five hours of your time over the next academic year (August 2018 - May 2019). This initiative involves the synthesis of two ideas that could have a significant impact on our S5/6 students. We have a system of mentoring in place that has started in S4 and is based on a proven method of encouraging students to take ownership for finding solutions to their academic challenges.

We would like to extend this programme to our S5/6 students by asking partners from industry and the community to:

- agree to commit to an allocation of up to four S5/6 students each.

- meet four times during the year to mentor their allocation.

- receive training in our academic assertive mentoring programme.

Much of our mentoring to date has been carried out by members of staff. Whilst this is excellent and will continue for our S4 we feel that our S5/6 would benefit more by receiving support and mentoring from partners. Across the nation there is a trend towards a ‘plateau’ effect in senior years with some students falling short of achieving their full potential. We believe that this initiative may well prove part of the answer to the ‘plateau’ effect.

We would be most grateful if you could consider and let us know whether this is something you might be keen to support. This year we are looking approximately fifty partners for the coming academic year.