Stacey Corbett

Name, new job title and schools you are going to be covering:

Stacey Corbett, Employer School Coordinator.

Aberdeen Grammar School, Hazelhead, Northfield and St Machar.

As a young person, what was your aspirations growing up?

I really didn’t have any strong career aspirations growing up. I did two years of secondary education in Malawi (12-14yrs old) where the topic of careers wasn’t discussed, so when I came back to Aberdeen, I really had no idea what I wanted to do for work. I considered primary school teaching but didn’t feel further education was for me at that time. I just wanted to earn money to buy a car and go on holiday!

What pathway did you follow when you left school?

I decided I wanted to just get straight into work so registered with an agency. I had my very first interview at AECC and was offered the job of Administration Assistant there in January 1997. I worked in various departments over my time there (also completing a part-time HR course) and was made redundant in November from my position as HR Coordinator. It gave me the chance to think about what I loved from my role which was the interaction with the young people and supporting them through their time with the company - being an unofficial mentor for a number of them.

What are you most excited about getting stuck into in your new role?

I’m really looking forward to working with employers and schools to ensure the young people have as much knowledge as possible of the opportunities available to them, especially those most vulnerable to a negative destination.

How crucial do you think the link is between schools and employers?

The link is so important. For employers, it’s giving them the opportunity to give young people the chance to learn about careers they had not previously considered and to shape the future workforce. For schools, working with employers gives the young people a chance to understand what is expected of them in the world of work and shows them how the skills they are learning in school can be transferred to a workplace.

What do you think is the greatest benefit to employers that are involved with DYW?

It allows them to work with the young people and build on the talent pipeline. By working with schools and engaging young people at this level, it allows employers to narrow the skills gaps for the future. In the case of work experience, it’s great for employers to get knowledge and input from the young person and see things from a different perspective and help give them an understanding of what to expect in the world of work.

Do you have a motto or personal mantra that you live by?

As my grandma always said – “what’s for you won’t go by you”.

What would be your one piece of advice to 12-year old you?

Study! I actually did quite well at school but I know I could’ve done a lot better at exams had I just taken the time to study.