Malcolm McMillan

Malcolm McMillan

Name and new job title, schools you are going to be covering:

Malcolm McMillan, Employer School Coordinator covering Westhill Academy and Mearns Academy.

As a young person, what was your aspirations growing up?

I never really had any aspirational destinations in mind while I was at school. What I did know was that whatever career I chose it had to entail plenty of variety and not involve sitting behind a desk.

What pathway did you follow when you left school?

With above criteria in mind, I joined the Police Service which afforded me a hugely varied, rewarding and successful career.

What are you most excited about getting stuck into in your new role?

Throughout the middle and latter stages of my work life I have been passionate about developing others to reach their full potential and I’m most excited about working alongside employers, teachers and pupils with a view to getting the best possible outcome for each young person when they leave school.

How crucial do you think the link is between schools and employers?

The link is critically important so that young people have a line of sight to and clearer understanding of the ‘world of work’. This will enable them to better align their aspirations and make informed decisions about subject choices and future career pathways.

What do you think is the greatest benefit to employers that are involved with DYW?

They get to showcase their business and establish a direct recruitment pipeline with an untapped resource they can mould from the outset. As well as bringing energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, young people can offer new ideas, different perspectives and in time add value.

Do you have a motto or personal mantra that you live by?

“If you believe you can, you are half-way there.”

What would be your one piece of advice to 12-year old you?

Identify as soon as possible what your skills and strengths are and work at developing and improving them. Don’t panic if things don’t go to plan initially and keep persevering.