By Phillip Wood, Digital Marketing Modern Apprentice with DYW North East and DYW Moray

A phrase you will often hear associated with Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) is “bridging the gap”.

My Modern Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing has done just that, by bridging the gap between Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) North East and Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) Moray.

Over the course of my one-year Modern Apprenticeship, working with two of Scotland’s twenty-one regional DYW groups – DYW North East and DYW Moray, I have shared the responsibility and worked together to deliver a variety of campaigns, I have worked on a wide range of different tasks and so much more.

As part of the Positive Futures project, a unique collaboration between DYW North East and DYW Moray, I have worked on three key campaigns. These campaigns have revolved around the Young Person’s Guarantee, Foundation Apprenticeships, and Mentoring.

Delving deeper, I have been largely responsible for creating content that has appeared on the social media platforms of DYW North East and DYW Moray, bolstering content on the websites of DYW North East and DYW Moray, boosting brand awareness, enhancing the appeal and attraction of both organisations, and promoting opportunities for young people, adults and employers. I have also applied my imagination and creativeness to my work and created graphics and other items that have appeared on social media, on websites, on other channels, and for each of the key campaigns that I have been involved with.

As well as carrying out this practical element of my Modern Apprenticeship, I have simultaneously been studying in the background and working towards achieving a Diploma in Digital Marketing and this is something that I was very pleased to achieve in March 2022.

Phillip Wood

I am positive that, over the past year, my Modern Apprenticeship has increased my skills in all areas, and I am hopeful that it has given me the experience that all employers are looking for, and, ultimately, will lead to future success.

Phillip Wood is a Digital Marketing Modern Apprentice with DYW North East and DYW Moray. You can connect with Phillip Wood on LinkedIn.